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Funny Sayings about Friends

Girija Shinde Aug 20, 2020
Funny sayings about friends are one of the easiest ways to make angry and upset friends laugh. Here is a good collection of such funny sayings that sure to make any person smile, so keep reading.
Friends are the best part of a person's life. After all, they are the ones who keep you on your toes and flatter you when needed! The joys of friendship cannot be expressed in words, thus, funny sayings and quotes can convey our deep feelings in a humorous way. You can use these sayings if you are making a birthday or friendship day card for your friend.
► "Give me one friend, just one, who meets the needs of all my varying moods."
― Esther Mary Clark

► "Money can't buy friends, but you can get a better class of enemy."
― Spike Milligan

► "A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling."
― Arthur Brisbane
► "I have no trouble with my enemies. I can take care of my enemies all right. But my damn friends-they're the ones that keep me walking the floor nights!"
― Warren Gamaliel Harding
► "Love is blind. Friendship tries not to notice."
― Anonymous

► "The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on."
― Robert Bloch

► "I have lost friends, some by death, others through sheer inability to cross the street."
― Virginia Woolf

► "I'm your best friend, you just don't know that yet."
― Anonymous
► "Best friends listen to what you don't."
― Anonymous
► "Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate."
― Thomas Jones

► "Men kick friendship around like a football, but it doesn't seem to crack. Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces."
― Anne Morrow Lindbergh

► "An old friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a dead body."
― Jim Hayes
► "When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun'."
― Groucho Marx
► "We must hang together, or surely we shall hang separately."
― Benjamin Franklin

► "I got a lotta best friends. Some of them I don't even hardly know!"
― Archie Bunker

► "You can always tell a real friend: when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job."
― Laurence J. Peter
► "I owe much to my friends; but, all things considered, it strikes me that I owe even more to my enemies. The real person springs to life under a strain even better than under a caress."
― André Gide
► "It takes a long time to grow an old friend."
― John Leonard

► "The best time to make friends is before you need them."
― Ethel Barrymore

► "Friends are God's ways of apologizing for our families."
― Tennessee Williams

► "Friends: people who borrow my books and set wet glasses on them."
― Anonymous
► "Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected."
― Charles Lamb
► "You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes."
― A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

► "Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life."
― Mark Twain

► "That is what friendship means. Sharing the prejudice of experience."
― Charles Bukowski
► "You ask if we shall know our friends in heaven. ― Do you suppose we are greater fools there, than here?"
― Nathaniel Emmons
► "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'"
― C. S. Lewis

► "Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty."
― A Sicilian proverb

► "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."
― G. Randolf
These were some of the best funny quotes about friends. No matter how different you are from your best buddy, the differences never come between true friendship.