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Covid-19 Quotes: What People Said About The Virus Situation!

Vinita Tahalramani Apr 14, 2020
Coronavirus pandemic has created a health emergency worldwide. We are living in times when internet connections have become the oxygen, while industrial revolution is at uncertainty; and public health has become a major challenge for global leaders.

Here are Some Quotes That Reflect the Current Crisis Aptly


Toilet paper, disinfecting wipes and bottled water all became COVID-19 gold.
- Steven Magee

Reach Out

Helping those in need is not charity, it's humanity.

- Abhijit Naskar


COVID-19, are you going to be naughty or nice to me?
- Steven Magee


Wear a mask!
- Steven Magee
In the quarantine isolation, I felt the warmth of your love, even though you can't touch me. I rest in peace with the warmth of love, faith and kindness of the humanity.
- Luffina Lourduraj

Social Distancing

The pandemic has pushed us into maintaining social distancing, but the challenge is also to remain hyper-connected via the internet and isolate COVID-19.
- Osama Manzar

Do Not Lose Hope...

What we do today, will define tomorrow.
- Lailah Gifty Akita
A renewed and pandemic-cleansed Earth will emerge, like the Sun after rain.
- Mukesh Kwatra
Center of your heart is the center of the Universe. Go to that center and radiate positive vibration for the well-being of the humanity.”
- Amit Ray
The biggest environmental change I noticed during COVID-19 was the absence of airplanes in the sky.
   - Steven Magee
The world is going through a period of crisis, but whether we look at it as a crisis or as an opportunity to reshape our thinking, depends on us. So use this period as a lesson on how to live life with a concern for all of humankind.
- Abhijit Naskar


Be positive and stop negative thinking. The key to stop negative thoughts in this hour of crisis of COVID-19, is to spread your love and positive energy in every direction for the well-being of the whole humanity.
- Unknown